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Tuesday, 01 August 2017 17:01

MRI Study Shows How We Care

Researchers may have found where we empathize in the human brain. A small study took a look at how subjects empathize with others. Volunteers were placed in an MRI and then listened to stories of distress and care. Across the board, the results were telling. 

Firstly, there is no exact ‘compassion’ neuron, but rather a system of the brain. While there are many studies that look at human emotion, this one is unique. In this study, researchers were able to predict what one person’s scans would show compared to the previous volunteer. When one hears a story of distress, one usually mimics the emotion. Make sure to read the full study and research.

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This is an adapted article from this online article, to learn more visit this journal. The photo is from an online photo

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The Developing Human Connectdome Project is studying how brains develop in new borns with the use of MRI scans. This project is a collaboration between several UK facilities, the King's College London, Imperial College London and the University of Oxford. 

Their first published scans include images of MRI scans of some new-borns. These images show how in infancy, already trillions of neural connections are working. The team hopes to explore more behind these connections with the use of MR-imaging and how these connections change as we age or develop debilitating conditions. 

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This is an adapted article, and to learn more about the Developing Human Connectdome Project, read the full story. Picture is from this news story

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