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Friday, 22 September 2017 14:35

How Fine Art and Radiology Work Together

How do fine art and radiology work together? They more related than one may initially think. 

According to a study done at Yale University by professors Rob Goodman and Michael Kelleher, when trainee radiologists studied fine art, their imaging detection skills improved. What they found is the small fine-tune skills needed to review a scan image is also used when analyzing fine art work. The trainees improved their perception skill while studying fine art at the Yale Center for British Art. The trainees were also able to develop better explanation skills for describing scan images by using terminology learned from fine art. Make sure to read the full story

At Accessories for MRI, we are happy to see how interdisciplinary skills are used in a healthy, helpful manner. Here, we offer a variety of radiology and imaging equipment to meet any facility's need. While we may not have fine art, we do have interactive art focused equipment within our pediatrics category. MRI Stereo is also an excellent way to get the creativity flowing.

This is an adapted article. To learn more, please visit JACR and this article. Picture is from this online source

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Friday, 08 September 2017 01:51

How to Shorten Scan Times

Pediatric patients may soon be getting quicker scans, according to a new study at Stanford University. 

The research team looked specifically to PET/MRI scans, which combine attributes to both modalities. For most scans, regardless of modality, one needs to remain still for an extended period of time, often upwards of an hour. For pediatric patients, this is next to impossible, and often requires the use of anesthesia; this also leads to higher costs. 

In this study, pediatric cancer survivors underwent this PET/MRI scan that looks at brain, heart, and bone images all in one ninety minute session. The results proved to be fairly accurate when looking at this first test group. This technique could be especially helpful to cancer patients to see if cancer has spread to other regions. The team looks to expand their studies and show the feasibility of this technique. 

At Accessories for MRI, we are happy to see the methods in which imaging improves upon itself. We aim to improve upon ourselves as well with our ever expanding range of MRI conditional equipment. Keep your patients safe with our MRI safety tools, and little ones entertained with our pediatric equipment

This is an adapted article and to learn more, please visit this RNSA journal. The picture is from an outside source.

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Tuesday, 01 August 2017 17:01

MRI Study Shows How We Care

Researchers may have found where we empathize in the human brain. A small study took a look at how subjects empathize with others. Volunteers were placed in an MRI and then listened to stories of distress and care. Across the board, the results were telling. 

Firstly, there is no exact ‘compassion’ neuron, but rather a system of the brain. While there are many studies that look at human emotion, this one is unique. In this study, researchers were able to predict what one person’s scans would show compared to the previous volunteer. When one hears a story of distress, one usually mimics the emotion. Make sure to read the full study and research.

At Accessories for MRI, we are happy to see how MRI research helps us appreciate the world more. Here, we do our best to make the MRI experience easy and relaxing with our variety of items. Check out our pediatric, patient comfort, and tech accessories to make your MRI better.   

This is an adapted article from this online article, to learn more visit this journal. The photo is from an online photo

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You may get different results depending on your scan method, according to this article.

There are a wide variety of methods to scan patients. For some diagnoses, there is no room for error, so why do we get different results?

One such case can occur with autism diagnoses. While the cause of autism is still not clear cut and there are many theories on how it affects children, sometimes scans produce different results. One such case appears to occur when scanning in a closed versus open bore. Read the full story to make your own judgment.

At Accessories for MRI, we are interested to see how the world of diagnostics is always working to improve upon itself. Here, we do our best to improve our MRI equipment, such as pediatrics and tech accessories

This is an adapted article from this online article. The photo is from an online photo. 

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017 15:20

Are MRI Caring Suites the Standard Now?

The answer may soon be yes. Recently, the Rapid City Journal showcased the local Rapid City imaging center, Black Hills Imaging Center. One patient at this facility discusses his experience with MRI machines. 

What we can learn from his story is how important making the imaging suite safe and comfortable is for the patient experience. While it may seem like patient comfort is all anyone in healthcare discusses now, there is a reason for this. 

Patients do have a choice when it comes to healthcare. Why would a patient want treatment at a facility that is unpleasant? They wouldn’t. Imaging and radiology departments know this and that is why MRI Caring Suites may soon be the standard. 

However, most MRI Caring Suites cost billions. Fortunately, our line of MRI Accessories offers comfort and safety all at an affordable price. Take a look at our Tech Accessories for easy solutions for a better patient experience.

This is an adapted article from this local news journal. The picture is from this online source as well.  

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Monday, 03 July 2017 15:52

Say Hello at AHRA 2017!

This week is special for Accessories for MRI, and our parent company, Sound Imaging. It’s the week before AHRA 2017! What does this mean?

AHRA (or the American Healthcare Radiology Administrators) is a long-standing leadership organization for the radiology field, including MR imaging. They host a number of conferences each year, and we’re lucky to be attending one such event!

While there are a variety of showcases and exhibitors, we are especially excited to see the emphasis on MRI patient comfort. Our parent company offers a number of MRI patient comfort devices, like MRI Stereo. Our parent company will be more than happy to answer any patient comfort questions about our accessories as well! Come say hello to the team at Booth #325. 

Click to learn more about the Anaheim AHRA 2017 conference. And make sure to visit us next week, July 9-12 at Booth #325! The video is from AHRA Youtube channel. 

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017 16:38

AI in the Radiology World

Some of you may have heard about improvements in AI technology, particularly when it comes to healthcare. While exciting to see the world of healthcare is improving, one recurring concern is will AI replace radiologist roles?

Developers claim that these improvements are not designed to eliminate jobs but to assist professionals. What are your thoughts? Regardless, patients will likely experience a better quality of care. 

At Accessories for MRI, we are glad to see how the healthcare world is always improving upon itself. We aim for this goal of self-improvement as well with our line of accessories. Find anything you need for your MRI facility with our extensive line of MRI conditional items

This is an adapted article. To read more on this study, visit online post. The picture is from an online stock photo

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What factors into an effective patient experience? A recent blog and study, showed these factors as most crucial in the patient experience: patient engagement, admission and discharge processes, patient and staff satisfaction, clinical effectiveness, patient safety, and personalization.

One of these factors, personalization is much easier to attain than you might think. With our extensive line of accessories, you can choose specific items for your facility. Explore items from pediatrics to patient comfort, from MRI safe items to transportation items.

This is an adapted article, and to learn more, please the full story. Picture from this stock photo.

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017 16:58

Entertainment in the MRI Suite?

MRI scans are well known for being not enjoyable experiences, espeically for children.

Fortunately, our sister site, Sound Imaging, is in the final stages of developing a portable MRI movie system. Read the full story on their site. 

For now, we offer a number of accessories to entertain pediatric patients, and make adult patients feel at ease. Explore our pediatric, patient comfort, and tech accessories for hundreds of options.

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017 14:52

How to Make MRI's Safe Again

Recently, there have been a slew of reports on MRI accidents. Most of the time, these accidents are caused by human error, like bringing a metal gurney into a MRI Suite. How can we change this?

Firstly, MRI education is a must. Right now, most MRI training courses are only voluntary. Secondly, having MRI safe and conditional devices is also a priority. We offer a wide variety of MRI safe oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, gurneys, and many other hospital supply needs. And lastly, ensuring patient safety with devices designed for patient monitoring, like the 1.5T MRI Patient Monitoring CCTV System

Click to explore our wide inventory, from patient comfort to pediatrics, from tech accessories to MRI equipment. This is an adapted article from our sister site, Sound Imaging. Picture is from

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