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Monday, 14 November 2016 16:25

MRIs Detect Change within Children Athletes

Researchers in North Carolina, Maryland, and Texas studied the effects of playing football for one season had on children aged 8-13. While most are familiar with the concussions pro-football athletes experienced, these researchers wanted to see if other head impacts that do not lead to a concussion have an effect. 

The study included 25 children with average age of 11, and they underwent scanning before and after their season of football. While necessary steps were taken with children who did experience a concussion, they were excluded from this study. The results showed differences in white matter in the brain.

Among this test group, there were changes in the white matter and several other connections within the brain. Researchers could not conclude if there was any long-term affects to these changes, but it was noted there was a decrease in activity in some areas of the brain, at least after the season of football.

At Accessories for MRI, we aim to offer the best for pediatric needs. For children in this sort of study, we offer several MRI accessories to provide patient comfort and safety. While kids may feel invincible playing a game of football, they may not feel quite so thrilled at the prospect of a MRI scan. If you would like to make your MRI more inviting to children, we offer a wide range of pediatric medical equipment, and MRI Accessories, like SAMM M.D. and MRI Stereo

 If you would like to read more about this research, please visit this link and this link. This is an adapted article and picture is from this source

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Wednesday, 06 July 2016 20:37

MRI Comfort Care, A New Reality

Hospitals are now implementing new technologies to put patients at ease in the MRI Suite. One such hospital is the Pardee Hospital in North Carolina, which dubbed theirs the MRI Caring Suite.

The Pardee Hospital aims to reduce anxiety with their MRI Caring Suite. It offers a wider bore opening to accommodate up to 500 pounds; this allows patients who suffer from claustrophobia to feel more at ease. The hospital has also installed video, music, and soothing ambient lighting to ease the MRI scanning process.

MRI Suites are not always known for their comfort or ease. MRI Suites are usually, small enclosed spaces, which cause can anxieties in patients. They can be dark and loud as well. For many, MRI scanning is not an enjoyable process. However, with innovations in MRI comfort care, like at Pardee Hospital, there are opportunities for new technologies.

At Accessories for MRI, there are several products that enhance MRI comfort. Accessories for MRI's goal is to improve MRI comfort and to offer it at an affordable cost. Healthcare and comfort ought to be synonymous with another, not exclusive.

One such product to enhance patient comfort is the SAMM System. The SAMM System, or the Safety and Movement Monitoring System allows MRI technicians to watch for patient movement or discomfort in the MRI Suite. This helps patients know they are safe in the MRI Suite. No longer does MRI scanning need to be an isolating process. SAMM System allows patients and technicians experience a safer environment. With a safe environment, comes patient comfort and ease.

If you would like to learn more about the SAMM System, explore the exclusive SAMM System website. Take a look at Accessories for MRI’s other products to improve your MRI Suite at this link. If you would like to learn more about the Pardee Hospital, explore this link. This is an adapted article.

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