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Friday, 22 September 2017 14:35

How Fine Art and Radiology Work Together zactopia

How do fine art and radiology work together? They more related than one may initially think. 

According to a study done at Yale University by professors Rob Goodman and Michael Kelleher, when trainee radiologists studied fine art, their imaging detection skills improved. What they found is the small fine-tune skills needed to review a scan image is also used when analyzing fine art work. The trainees improved their perception skill while studying fine art at the Yale Center for British Art. The trainees were also able to develop better explanation skills for describing scan images by using terminology learned from fine art. Make sure to read the full story

At Accessories for MRI, we are happy to see how interdisciplinary skills are used in a healthy, helpful manner. Here, we offer a variety of radiology and imaging equipment to meet any facility's need. While we may not have fine art, we do have interactive art focused equipment within our pediatrics category. MRI Stereo is also an excellent way to get the creativity flowing.

This is an adapted article. To learn more, please visit JACR and this article. Picture is from this online source

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