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In the event of an injury, NFL physicians often call for MRI’s to determine how serious the injury. NFL physicians take their job very seriously. They work in an industry where the average franchise is worth 1.4 billion. They also keep fairly busy. Football is also dangerous sport, and it is their job to keep the players safe and take the best steps towards getting the players healthy and back in the game as soon as possible.


This past football season was ridden with injuries. Alliance Spince and Pain Centers came up with the following list of eleven players that went in for MRI’s last year:

1. Minnesota Vikings – Teddy Bridgewater – injured ankle – MRI came back negative revealing that his injury was only a sprain.
2. Tennessee Titans – Jake Locker – injured right throwing wrist – MRI showed limited structural damage and player could return to play with the wrist strain.
3. Dallas Cowboys – Tony Romo – bruised back injury – report not yet back as of this date.
4. New England Patriots – Jerod Mayo – knee injury – MRI showed torn patella tendon and had to undergo surgery
5. Arizona Cardinals – Darnell Dockett – knee injury – MRI revealed the full extent of the damage, a torn ligament which required surgery.
6. San Francisco 49ers – Patrick Willis – injured toe – MRI revealed sprained toe
7. Washington Redskins – Robert Griffin III – injured ankle – MRI showed no fracture
8. Cincinnati Bengals – AJ Green – injured big toe – MRI came back clean
9. Indianapolis Colts – Reggie Wayne – injured elbow – MRI showed nothing of significance
10. Minnesota Vikings – Teddy Bridgewater – ankle injury – MRI showed no real damage
11. Denver Broncos – Danny Trevathan – left knee injury – MRI exam came back negative

MRI’s are very effective in determining the seriousness of almost any injury. That is why NFL physicians order MRI’s for injured players so often. These NFL physicians show us that the best way to diagnose and treat an injury is through the use of MRI.



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